From Boring to
Brilliant Speaker

This Boring to Brilliant Speaker training is with Barbara via Zoom web chat and consists of 3 sessions of 1 hours. In this training, you will learn how to develop a TEDx style presentation with key messaging, nuances, stories, WOW opening and closing and strong delivery for greatest impact. Even if you are an experienced speaker, you will learn new tips and tricks on how to be even more clear in your content and polished in your delivery. It is highly recommended if you are doing a speech, pitch or sales presentation - to participate in this training. Guaranteed to sharpen your skill and learn a few new things to help you in future speeches.

After this training

  • You will understand how to structure a meaningful and entertaining short pitch or longer speech and have a powerful template you can use every time you are preparing. 
  • The "master script" that you create during the training can be modified with different WOW openings, WOW closings and stories based on different audiences you present to - but the foundation messages stay the same. 

In terms of delivery, Barbara will teach you many tips and tricks to really engage with your audience and do's and don'ts in different scenarios. In other words, every speaker will reach new levels of excellence in content, engagement and delivery.  

This training can be done in a combination of English and Dutch. If your presentation is in Dutch - that is no problem. A combination of webchat and live sessions is possible. 

For whom: those that present or pitch or do sales presentation, panel leads or panel guests, webinar hosts - etc. All who communicate internally and externally and need to have a clear message and communicate it with confidence. 

Practical information

Frequentie: 3 sessions of 1 hour